Arcata Community Forest


The Arcata Community Forest is continually expanding its trails to facilitate human recreation. Walking through a newly formed path I’ve come across remnants of life before and after the dismantling of pre-existing nature. These collections of artifacts function as a microcosm to the surrounding natural environment and its relationship to a growing human presence.

-Luciano Duran



These photographs are of many tree canopies along the Arcata Ridge Trail, located next to Alves Inc., Lumber Mill, off of West End Road, Arcata. The trail offers an appreciation of how beautiful nature merges with one another. Through these photos, I wish to capture how the canopies of oak, pine, and cypress trees are all interacting with one another. The way tree canopies connect with one another can be interpreted by the viewer's own imagination.

-Eddie Sanchez



When my stress levels are over the roof I put my tennis shoes on and begin my warm up jog to the Arcata Community Forest with no hesitation as I know the importance of scenery during a run. One would prefer being surrounded by beautiful big green trees rather and mini trails rather than the plain sight of houses or apartments, this is also why the Arcata Community Forest is a big go to spot when you're trying to get a good run in, the uphill’s when you’re entering the forest help shape your legs and the downhills on the way out allow you to gain speed and momentum and you are able keep going with that new built momentum.

-Ines Morales



The Thrown: Being a smoker in a non-smoking arena is difficult to endure and due to the no smoking policy on HSU campus there is no safe space to partake in this relaxation event. Transforming a space in the forest into a place where all people in support of smokers can conjugate, hang out, relax and unwind from the daily stressors that are accompanied with the college life.  

-Droh Droh