Old Town Eureka


Ingomar Theater: Within the recently restored Carson Building in Eureka, CA, the Ingomar Theater can be found on third floor. Opened in 1892 the theater held performances from San Francisco and showed it’s first motion picture in 1899. Today, the Ingomar Theater still holds the colors fragments left behind by the past creating a sense of broken beauty. Through these photographs I hope to share how the past meets the present, by capturing the visual traces of history the theater has left behind.

-Lily Junker-Gregson



Eureka Rephotographed: Incorporating images from the extensive photography collection housed in the Humboldt Room at the Humboldt State University Library, these artworks are experiments in "rephotography," blending images from the past with contemporary photographs. (Images by various artists)



Photos from The Grave: Photos from The Grave is a collaboration with the artists at Sailors Grave Tattoo in Old Town Eureka. I was drawn to the tattoo shops friendliness and barbershop vibe that you get while you are being tattooed which they create through conversation with their clients. I photographed this project with large and medium format cameras in order to achieve a dark esthetic look to match their Heavy Metal fashion which contrast their sociable attitudes.

– Pedro Uribe Godoy