Confusion, uncertainty, curiosity, and fascination are all the different ways a person may feel while driving through the small and rundown beach town of the Pacific Northwest -- Orick, California. 12 burl shops, 3 churches, 2 restaurants, and 1 gas station seems to almost perfectly summarize the entities of this forgotten town.  I was curious as to what made Orick a place for the few hundred people who still live and work in Orick. What I found is a community that knows each other, supports, and cares for one another.  Orick is so much more than it appears when you simply just drive through it; it has a heart, soul, and history. It was once a mining town, then a lumber town, and now is just another small town not known for any particular natural resource.   In these photos I hope to portray the true essence of this town, from the viewpoint of the people who call it home.  

-Joely Camacho