Mad River

Humboldt Municipal Water District Essex Facility: The importance of water quality and the lack of accessibility of public information and knowledge about water in general prevents people from knowing where their water comes from and what is in it. The Humboldt Municipal Water District Essex Facility is a water pumping station that is located on the Mad River and supplies water to local towns and cities around Arcata Bay; these include: Arcata, McKinleyville, Eureka, and Samoa. This collection shows the disconnect between clear water out of the tap and water that comes out of the Mad River and the sediment and algae that reside in it.

-Liam Hazelton


Mad River Beach Bridge: I chose this place specifically because of all the graffiti there, the sense of industrialism, and the sense of escape that I get when I go there. Every time I come here, I always feel this sense of escape, solitude, exploration and discovery. I do not come here often but every time I do its always nice to disconnect and simply “browse” the graffiti and art that has been tagged there. It is always changing and with change there is always something new to discover. I love the idea that this is simply an open canvas for people who are seeking to express a piece of themselves on a public monument through spray paint.

-Gary Pray III



Mad River Pump Station: The Disk Golf Course has 9 holes and each hole is sponsored by a local business who helps pay to keep that specific hole sponsored maintained. The Disk Golfers have felt the need to bring stickers as well as gain awareness to their own personal brands by putting these stickers on the signs for each hole. This provides the own uniqueness and artwork done at teach hole that has been created by pat disk golfers, who felt the need to eave human remanence in a nature area.

-Courtney Junette