Pacific Seafood: Early mornings with vivid sunrises and a frigid ocean breeze is what the employees of Pacific Seafood in Eureka, California are accustomed to each day. I chose to explore these docks in Eureka to try to capture the atmosphere in which these people work and thrive. Accompanied by my fisheries professor, Gus Thiesfeld, I bundled up and followed him to the bustling main dock where all the action seemed to be happening. As fishing boats arrived from their 4-7 day trips on the ocean I was given permission to photograph their catch, boats, and not much else. I chose to focus my project on Thiesfelds’ research work with the Department of Fish and Wildlife, specifically dissecting the fish heads and removing their ear bones, or otoliths, for measurement, as well as taking count of how many male versus female fish there were and the fertility rate of the females. I intended to capture the vivid colors of the fish as well as the environment in which these people work.

-Sabina Boise



Eureka Box Art Project: This project revolved around the electricity boxes that have been painted all around the City of Eureka. This was organized by several members in Eureka City Hall, who have been working for about two years to make this a reality. With the goal of benefiting the community, these boxes are sponsored by the city, individuals, or local stores and all of the artists are from the city of Eureka. The cities “Art Box Project” has allowed for the artists in Eureka to showcase their creativity to the city, and hopefully my photos are able to effectively demonstrate their fantastic pieces of work. 

-Nicholas Gil



The Samoa Bridge: a concrete connection for many Eureka residents that leads towards Arcata, but it is also a secluded resting place for those seeking sheltered privacy. These portraits are of people who have once found themselves in need of what the bridge has to offer. Through careful manipulation of other photos also taken near the bridge, we can see their stories and limitless potential come to life.

-Tania Fonseca



Palco Marsh: A sense of place is essential to the human experience. In Eureka, the Palco marsh offers a sense of place to those who are shelterly displaced, living geographically on the margins of society. Through these photographs, I wish to illustrate the relationship between the natural environment and people.

-Ryan Sendejas