Janes Creek Meadows Park: These photographs are of Janes Creek Meadows Park: a housing development that borders a United States Fish and Wildlife Service conservation project. These pictures mix elements of the built and natural environments to varying degrees, challenging the notion that they are separate entities. These photos attempt to be aesthetically pleasing, in order to highlight the value of suburban nature.

-Josh Gross



The Arcata Bottoms: The Arcata Bottoms provides a landscape in which human command of the land is evident and yet there seems to be an unspoken narrative: that of the more than human life. Some of this life is what might be characterized as “wild”: free to come and go as they please or as the seasons ask of them. In the same space there exists life that is owned, that lives within predetermined spaces and a with definition of autonomy and freedom that can be reduced to plots of land. This project seeks to explore the more than human life; to make an attempt (in a human way) of capturing what life outside of myself looks like.

-Emily Diaz



Common Ground: The public and open to roam space on D street in Arcata caters to varying walks of life throughout the day. This project highlights a seemingly innocuous pull-up bar that exercises a multifaceted platform for passerbys. It demonstrates how this simple tool can generate opportunities for community cohesion.

-Karina Coronado